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3D Printed Fabric Can Protect Astronauts

3D,space fabric,print,U.S.,NASAEngineers of U.S. NASA have developed new material to shield spacecrafts and astronauts from outer space injuries.

According to Techtimes.com, the newly developed material is named “space fabric,” a flexible, ingenious metal fabric that has potential to revolutionize astronaut spacesuits and equipment. It is woven with a series of articulated silver tiles, presenting a fashionable design similar to the structure of chain mail. It contains four main features: reflectivity, passive heat management, foldability, and tensile strength.

The metallic tiles contained within the new material are 3D printed in “whole cloth” through an advanced technology, which are different from chain mail rings.

The technology that produces the “space fabric” is called additive manufacturing. It builds up a 3D-printed object through depositing the material in layers, so the function of a newly printed fabric can be integrated within its design.

With this technology, new concepts can be developed according to equipment needs in the future. In addition, the new technology can also reduce production costs through 3D printing.

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