USITC Supports HP and Memjet Request

USITC Supports HP and Memjet Request

The US Commission Investigative Staff has filed a “no opposition” response over the joint motion filed between HP and Memjet to end hostilities.

On July 7, 2016, in a confidential settlement, HP Inc. and Memjet Ltd (and its subsidiaries) filed a joint motion. Both companies stated that their settlement agreement reflects the entire and only agreement between them. They jointly claimed that the motion to terminate the investigation was in the interest of the public and administrative economy. Such settlements are favored.

The involved “IPR Petitions” in this case are: IPR 2016-00356 (denied June 16, 2016); IPR2016-00537; IPR2016-00746; IPR2016-00752; IPR2016-00790; IPR2016-00791; IPR2016-00839; IPR2016-00867; IPR2016-00869; IPR2016-00873; IPR2016-00913.

HP and Memjet have also entered and executed a Patent Cross License and Settlement Agreement on June 29, 2016. According to this License Agreement, the two companies agreed on granting respective rights and covenanted not to sue each other.

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