Used Toner Cartridges Transformed into Art

Used Toner Cartridges Transformed into Art

A New York-headquartered software company is showing off its new range of furniture—all made from waste.

The newly inspired fifth series of Bloomberg’s furniture, Waste Not Want It, are almost entirely made from the bits of the company’s computer peripheral equipment, according to TonerNews. The stunning arts pieces include a crystal “Synthesis Bench,” utilizing the outcome of chemical reaction between resins, tar and powder from a used toner ink cartridge, and the solid geometric surfaces of furniture, made of waste powder from 150 toner ink cartridges, mixed with jesmonite.

Bloomberg worked with 37 artists and designers to create the whole series from 2,000 meters of cable flex, 152 keyboards, 160 holographic screen sheets, 250 printer cartridges and 33 wood pallets. These artworks will be available for the 4,000 Bloomberg’s employees in London.

Jemma Read, who initiated the project in 2010, said the project had provided a platform to redefine their relationship with waste.


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