US Customs Clears SCC’s Drums & Gears

A ruling from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (Customs) permits Static Control Components to sell their new drums and gears without infringing Canon’s ‘dongle gear’ patents.

Static Control Components (SCC) has been quick to alert the industry that their solution rids the industry of the ‘dongle gear’ issue that has plagued the Aftermarket industry for almost two years.

According to a SCC statement shared with customers, the iconic US-based parts and components company declares that products containing its SafeDrive Technology “do not infringe upon the dongle gear patents that were the focus of a GEO issued last year.”

In addition, Charles R. Steuart, Chief of the Intellectual Property Division, states in the letter, “The redesigned toner cartridges and drum units to be imported by Static Control, do not infringe upon the ‘278, ‘564, ‘215, ‘008 and ‘009 patents. As such, the instant cartridges and drum units are not subject to exclusion from entry for consumption into the United States, entry for consumption from a foreign-trade zone, or withdrawal from a warehouse for consumption.”

Further, Static Control noted its patented designs “center on a retractable mechanism that works with the interior geometry of the printer to engage and disengage.” The company added that both lever and button designs of Static Control “are patented and covered by this ruling.”

A complete list of products impacted by this decision is shown as follows:

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