Time to Say “Goodbye"

Two of the best known remanufacturing wholesalers in Australia have said, after 50 years in the industry, “it’s time to quit.”

Dermot Murtagh—who told RT Media’s David Gibbons he has “been in the imaging industry even before laser cartridges were invented”—pictured with his wife Sue, have stepped out of their Ausjet Ink wholesaling business after purchasing the Queensland business back in 2001.

Known for his distinctive Irish accent, Dermot has held top posts with Canon and Nashua (Ricoh). He left his native Ireland at age 18 and worked in the UK and Africa.

After moving to Africa in 1975 he became the national sales manager for Nashua, only to be approached by Canon in the early 1980s, growing that brand into 35 branches. The release of Mandela from prison and the success of the World Cup, brought changes to South Africa. Dermot and Sue acquired 5,500 hectares (13,500 acres) of land with the plan to take it back to the way it was, 200 years before. The project took 10 years but they were able to restore the flora and fauna back to the way it had been originally.

“Coming to Australia in 2001 was a decision for the family,” Murtagh explained. “It was all about providing a quality, safe education for our three children.” Australia had similar cultural values—Australian sports and the schooling and university systems were much the same and offered easy assimilation for their children.

The Murtagh’s met Peter Mitropoulos (pictured) in 2012 and between them they grew the Ausjet business almost 3 fold through acquisitions and a near 400% increase in product lines. Sue Murtagh remarked: “The business has grown a lot in these past years, and I’m sure that Peter will continue to run it as we have done in the past with honesty and integrity”.

Ausjet is a wholesaler of premium inkjet and laser non-genuine cartridges, premium refilling ink, tools and refilling machinery, Ausjet offers technical support, industry newsletters and in-house training. Murtagh claims to owe the company’s longevity and success to a strict policy of supplying premium-only products at fair and reasonable market prices and by giving our customers service “second to none”.
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