Mitsubishi Chemical to Withdraw from Pulverized Toner


Japanese-based Mitsubishi Chemical has advised it is to withdraw from the manufacturing business of pulverization toner as of the end of March, 2019. The company claims it will gradually decline the manufacturing operation of its pulverized toner until then, starting January, 2018.

Most toners currently available in the market are manufactured by a milling process in which various chemicals are fused and kneaded in a pre-adjusted binder resin, and then pulverized and classified. Monochrome (black) toners are mainly made this way.

“In the light of various business factors, we have decided to withdraw from the manufacturing business,” says Teruyuki Mitsumori, General Manager of the Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Imaging Material Department. “Mitsubishi Chemical was a leading manufacturer of pulverized toner since the year 1975,” he added.

It is expected that Mitsubishi will continue to manufacture chemical-based toners used particularly in color printer cartridges.

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