UniNet Releases News Toner and Components

UniNet has added some new products to its Absolute Black® and Absolute Color® series, including toner & components for use in OKIDATA b710, 720, 730, Dell C1660 and Xerox Phaser 6600.

Absolute Black® Toner and Components for use in the Okidata B710, 720, 730 monochrome printer series

Okidata B710, 720, 730 monochrome printers are high-speed black and white printers targeting large workgroups and high printing applications. The printing cost is high—approximately $0.02/page with OEM supplies, which makes UniNet believe it’s a good candidate for remanufacturers. The OEM cartridges come in three different yields: a 15,000-page version that works in all three models, a 20,000-page version that works in the B720, and a 26,000-page version for use in the B730 printer. The cartridges are identical except for the toner fill weights and chips.

Absolute Color® toner and components qualified for use in the Dell C1660 color printer

The Dell C1660 is a new model color printer that utilizes the same print engine as the C1250, C1350 and C1760 models. Rated at 12 ppm for black, and 10 ppm for color, this low cost uses the same type of small toner cartridges as the previous models, and requires no other user replaceable items. The drum and fuser are rated for the life of the printer. The toner cartridges are rated at 1,250 pages for black, and 1,000 pages for the colors. These cartridges are categorized as Easy-to-Remanufacture, as they are easily refillable.

Absolute Color® toner and components qualified to use in the Xerox Phaser 6600 color printer series

The new Xerox Phaser 6600 color laser printer is a 36 ppm engine. The affordable price for this printer makes it very competitive in comparison with the more expensive printers under its category. However, this printer does not offer all the desirable features and options that other high-speed color printers include. Cartridges are presented in two versions: 8,000-page black / 6,000-page colors, and 3,000-page black / 2,000-page colors. The cartridges look physically the same for all yields; they just have different fill weights. These cartridges are categorized as Easy-to-Remanufacture as well.

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