MSE Launches German Version Website

Micro Solutions Enterprises (MSE) announces it has launched a German version of the award-winning, which was redesigned in 2012.

The website now provides up-to-date information on all patented technologies and proprietary processes from MSE. The new website also features online core collection capabilities.

Mark Dawson, Head of Business Development in EMEA, says, “The MSE product range is very special with multiple unique technologies that make it a very attractive proposition for the reseller community and our web site has been designed very much with that in mind. The ability to communicate in the language of the markets we are addressing is, of course, fundamental and I am delighted that this sales tool is now available in the German language so that our existing customers can take full advantage of its features and benefits.”

Marcel Visser, Business Development Manager for DACH, added, “We are offering the reseller channel in the DACH markets a strong value proposition and one which is demonstrably different — and we believe better — than what is available generally in the market place today. Our goal is to help drive improved margins for our resellers and to meet the very real needs of the market by providing a truly equivalent OEM product range, but at a price advantage compared with the OEM. We know that this is easier said than done, especially in colour and high speed applications, but our web site helps to explain how we have achieved this. I have no doubt that it will help us increase market share in the DACH territories and help our Authorized Reseller Partners achieve faster growth.”

MSE also reveals it has been rated as the number one supplier of remanufactured color cartridges by an independent survey of dealers.

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