UniNet Launches New Toner Products

UniNet has launched new X Generation® color toner for use in HP Laser Jet Pro 200 M251 multifunction printers (MFPs) to work on the HP CP1215/ 1518/2025 using all OEM and UniNet components.

According to UniNet, the X Generation color toner in HP LaserJet Pro 200 M251 MFP is a unique, multipurpose formula offering higher gloss levels, improved fusing, and color matching characteristics to mimic the performance of newly-released printer and MFP models from HP and others.

The company claims this multipurpose toner formula is by far the lowest cost solution when used on all OEM components.

UniNet also released new Absolute Black toner and components that can be used in the three-in-one Samsung SCX-4650 MFP monochrome laser printer.

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