Lexmark MS/MX Series Toner and Drum cartridges

First introduced in October 2012, the Lexmark MS/MX series is based on a new 35- 70ppm depending on the model Lexmark 1200 dpi engine. These engines for the first time in their larger printers uses a 2 cartridge system. The toner hopper is basically a tube with a chip. The drum unit contains the drum, waste chamber, developer roller, PCR, wiper blade, and doctor blade. The basic design is similar to the T650 all in one cartridge, but is broken into two cartridges. Due to the speed, fuser characteristics and transfer efficiency, the toner is completely different and unique to this series. When choosing a toner for these machines make sure the transfer efficiency is high so the waste does not overflow. If your replacement toner runs at more than 2.5g of waste per 1000 pages you run the risk of over flowing the drum unit waste hopper. The smaller drum unit can hold up to 160g of waste toner and the larger drum unit can hold up to 220g. OEM and Uninet X-gen toners run at less than 1.5g/1000 pages.

Lexmark calls their new toner system “Unison”. This toner has a lower melt point thus saving energy on fusing temperatures, has high transfer efficiency and has “Shake free” design for the toner cartridge.

Click here for the step-by-step guide:

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