Toshiba Sues Katun for Patent Infringement

Toshiba has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Katun in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

Toshiba America Business Solutions (TABS), together with its co-plaintiff Toshiba TEC Corporation (TTEC), claim Katun Corporation infringes nine of the U.S. patents, co-owned by TABS and TTEC, related to toner cartridges used in Toshiba-branded multifunction printers.

The lawsuit, filed on November 25, states the plaintiff is expected to protect its customers from infringing products that claim to be an alternative to Toshiba’s products. They also state their rights to defend their intellectual property rights.

“TABS and TTEC have made substantial investments in their innovative and patented technology, which drives the reputation of Toshiba-branded products in the market as a go-to provider of reliable and trusted printing solutions,” said Tom Walter, TABS vice president of distribution and aftermarket sales at Toshiba America Business Solutions.

Walter claims Katun has received numerous warnings over several years, but has continued to manufacture and sell products that infringe Toshiba’s patents. He added, “This lawsuit was a necessary response to Katun’s actions in the marketplace.”



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