Toshiba Announces 200 Tons of Used Toner Products Recycled

Toshiba Announces 200 Tons of Used Toner Products Recycled

Toshiba America Business Solutions (Toshiba) announced it has recycled about 200 tons of used toner products with its “Zero Waste to Landfill” program. Through the program launched in 2008, Toshiba has collected about 450 tons of e-waste by now.

Toshiba claimed it is first of its kind to accept other manufacturers’ spent toner consumables and it helps simplify the recycling process for its customers. The company said partnering with international recycler Close the Loop, it “nearly doubled the amount of spent imaging consumables it recycled in 2012”. As revealed, the companies transform used toner products into eLumber to create outdoor products for community organizations and nonprofits. Also, plastic from spent imaging consumables is used in the making of rulers and pens.

Toshiba believes its toner recycling efforts make many of its e-STUDIOTM multifunction products list on the EPEAT (Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool) registry.

Tom Walter, Toshiba America Business Solutions Chief Green Officer, commented, “Our Zero Waste to Landfill initiative certainly aligns with our objective to eliminate e-waste from entering landfills. By making it as easy for our customers as possible – from sending the collection box to shipping the spent toner products to Close the Loop – our end users are completely engaged and the dramatic year-over-year increases are evidence of this success.”

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