Cartridge World New Website Attracts More Orders

According to PRWeb, Chicago-based web development company Devbridge Group has built a new responsive e-commerce site for Cartridge World. The Group said that the new site has seen a 300% increase in daily orders.

Devbridge Group revealed the new site will be more user-friendly through a number of innovative features, including an open-source content management system and a product finder. The two functions will allow “their users and franchisees to access information as well as manage it”. Also, the Group created web pages devoted to more than 600 franchise locations of Cartridge World in North America. By using the store locator, users can find stores at the user’s current location. Further, Devbridge Group observed its team “created a custom API for the project that talks to third-party fulfillment centers and automates the shopping process”.

Aurimas Adomavicius, President of Devbridge Group, added, “ is an exciting project. Deanne and the team took a progressive approach to rebuilding their e-commerce experience. They understood and embraced our recommendation to build a responsive, mobile-optimized website that offers a one-of-a-kind user experience to their customers.”

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