Thumbs Up as ITDL Enters the Russian Market

Thumbs Up as ITDL Enters the Russian Market

Thumbs Up as ITDL Enters the Russian Market

Thumbs Up as ITDL Enters the Russian MarketAccording to the Russian information agency, Business Inform, Indian Toners and Developers Limited (ITDL) toners were confirmed of their quality during the independent testing at the Russian Association of Quality Cartridge Manufacturers and Suppliers (AQCMS) Competence Center.

According to father Sushil and son Akshat Jain (pictured) the owners of ITDL, they are represented in the Russian market by their Moscow partner RMS Ltd.

AQMCS Competence Center conducted independent quality testing for ITDL toner using the most popular laser cartridge models in Russia and confirmed its high quality. The presented toners were also recommended by Russian specialists for use in laser cartridge remanufacturing.

Since August 30th, ITDL bulk toner has been available on the Russian Market in 1kg packs of the following range.

  • 2611410000 Toner for HP Type ITM-032 LJ 1010/1200/1160 (P SERIES NEW GENERATION) (pack, 2х10kg)
  • 2611390000 Toner for HP Type ITM-034 LJ M402/M506 (pack, 2х10kg)
  • 2611380000 Toner for HP Type ITM-035 LJ M607 (pack, 2х10kg)
  • 2611430000 Toner for HP Type ITM-036 LJ M102/130 (pack, 2х10kg)
  • 2611370000 Toner for HP Type ITM-037 LJ M507 (pack, 2х10kg)
  • 3911420000 Toner for SAMSUNG Type ITM-033 (NEW GENERATION) ML 1210/SCX-4600 (pack, 2х10kg)
  • 3911350000 Toner for SAMSUNG Type ITM-038 (True) ML 1010/ SCX-4321 (pack, 2х10kg)

“Russia is a big market and ITDL strives to enlarge the network in Russia. ITDL also wishes to further expand their business in South East Asia and EU countries,” said the spokesperson of ITDL.

About ITDL

Indian Toners and Developers Limited (ITDL), an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 Certified Company, incorporated in 1990 as a Public Limited Company. ITDL has two production units located at Rampur, Uttar Pradesh and Sitarganj, Uttarakhand with a total production capacity of 3600 metric tons. ITDL is the largest toner manufacturer and supplier in India with the largest market share. ITDL has a widespread distribution network with around 120 distributors, 600 dealers,1500 refillers & 44000 jobbers present all over India. ITDL exports Toners to more than 20 countries and over the years, has become one of the leading toner manufacturers and toner suppliers of South East Asia. The Government of India has been awarding ITDL for its «Excellence in Export Performance» consecutively for the past several years. The company also has sole distributors in Singapore and a wholly-owned subsidiary in Florida, U.S.A.



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