The New Normal Has Already Arrived rtmworld

The New Normal Has Already Arrived

The New Normal Has Already Arrived

The New Normal Has Already Arrived rtmworldThe editorial team of The Economist last attended its offices on March 16, 2020, and since that time the London-based newspaper has “been written, edited and produced from couches and kitchen tables.” The staff have come up with the terms “BC” meaning “Before Coronavirus” and “AD” which means “After Domestication”.

They claim the crisis has brought change and it’s already arrived. Life in AD will continue and life BC is now an era of the past, albeit only a few months ago. This gives a whole lot of hope for those involved in the sale printer inks which has seen an increase in sales both in the USA and in Europe according to sources sharing stock movements to RT Media this week.

The New Normal Has Already Arrived rtmworldThe Economist states, The shift to life AD “may rival great workplace transformations in the 19th and 20th centuries. Twitter has already said that all its employees will be allowed to work from home permanently and Facebook expects half its staff to do so within a decade.”

Christine Dunne from industry analyst group Keypoint Intelligence writes, “Office equipment dealers, no doubt, have been hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic, but they are looking to the future—ready to bounce back stronger than ever.”

“We have, without a doubt in my mind, the best-trained sales force that I’ve ever had the opportunity to support,” said Kevin Hoverman, Regional Director of Sales and Production at Systel Business Equipment. “And they’re coming out with not just a whole bunch of jargon, but actual training. Real training that we had to do.”

Dealerships interviewed for this piece say the last couple of months have given them extra time to learn new skills, brainstorm new product offerings, and improve processes.


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