Ten-print Launches Remanufactured Products for Xerox Printers

Ten-print Launches Remanufactured Products for Xerox Printers

Ten-print has released new remanufactured color Copy toner and Imaging drums for use in Xerox C8130 printer series.

Ten-print Launches Remanufactured Products for Xerox Printers

  • Stable and outstanding printing performance.
  • Chemical Toner Powder Formulated Product Presents High Quality Image.
  • Offer you ideal printing solution with unique BOM & perfect compatibility.

According to the company, their technical team has conducted thorough tests to ensure that all performance indicators of these recycled Copy toners and Imaging drums not only meet but also exceed quality standards. It is also “100% compatibility” with OEM products.

About Ten-Print

Ten-print Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative manufacturing enterprise that integrates production, R&D, and sales.  Ten-print has two factories, one is focusing on producing remanufactured printing and copying consumables, second-hand printers, and copiers, and another is focusing on producing compatible printing and copying consumables, the headquarter is located in Zhuhai.

The company has experienced R&D engineers with over 10 years of experience in laser printing and copier consumables areas for R&D, mold engineering, and equipment configuration.  We are committed to providing high-quality differentiated products.

One of the biggest advantages of Ten-print is its ability to provide product customization services for customers, especially for some niche printing and copying consumables.  Customers can purchase products from Ten-print that cannot be supplied by other suppliers, which can bring relatively high profits to customers Adhering to the customer-oriented business philosophy, providing one-stop services for clients.

In the future, Ten-print will always insist on the development strategy of “continuous innovation and professional service”, with market demand as the core and product innovation as the guide, committed to becoming a loyal and trustworthy partner for customers.  Create more value for the global market and customers.



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