Ricoh & Toshiba Co-found ETRIA

Ricoh & Toshiba Co-found ETRIA

Ricoh & Toshiba Co-found ETRIA

Following the decision of a business integration last year, Ricoh Company Ltd. and Toshiba Tec Corporation have announced the establishment of their joint venture, ETRIA Co., Ltd., marking the successful integration of their businesses. This announcement was made on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and Ricoh became the successor company.

Ricoh & Toshiba Co-found ETRIAAs principal shareholders, Ricoh and Toshiba make ETRIA a consolidated subsidiary of Ricoh and an affiliated company of Toshiba, accounted for by the equity method. ETRIA unifies the development and production of multifunction printers (MFPs) and printers from both companies, along with related businesses such as peripheral equipment and consumables. The official corporate website has been launched, featuring an inauguration notice as its first article.

The name ETRIA stands for “Eternal, Try, Innovation, Alliance,” indicating the company’s dedication to driving technological innovation. ETRIA will supply and manufacture devices for Ricoh and Toshiba by leveraging the strengths of both companies while maintaining their respective brands and sales channels. The company aims to meet the growing demands for MFPs, which include security, energy efficiency, and the circular economy. By coordinating core product parts, purchasing channels, and production sites of Ricoh and Toshiba, ETRIA will create a stable supply chain to deliver high-value and competitive devices to both companies.

With the integration complete, Toshiba will open a new chapter of its business, hoping to solidifying its status in the printing industry through its new partnership with Ricoh.



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