Sun Chemical Highlights Suppliers in Substantiality Report

Sun Chemical, the leading printer ink and other components supplier, has released its 2012 Sustainability Report.

The report highlights Sun Chemical’s commitment to environment protection in two major ways.

It demonstrates eco-efficiency with specific data from approximately 170 Sun Chemical sites in over 25 countries. Sustainability metrics measured include: energy consumption/conservation at production and non-production sites, the energy carbon footprint at the production sites, process waste reduction, water consumption, materials safety, and employee safety.

The other highlight of the report shows Sun Chemical’s dedication in monitoring its material supplier. Questionnaires were sent to suppliers asking about their sustainability policies, carbon footprint emissions, and the potential impact on deforestation, etc.

“Our sustainability policy pushes us as a company to improve the eco-efficiency of our processes and products,” Andrzejewski said. “Our R&D efforts are a pivotal part of this process as we provide our customers with solutions that will be both eco-friendly and save them money. These data-driven sustainability reports have played a key role in helping our customers achieve many of their eco-efficiency goals.”

To read the full report, you can visit:

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