Patent Holdings of Print-Rite Exceed 2000

The volume of Print-Rite’s patents recently passed 2000. This ranks Print-Rite as the top patent holder among printer consumable manufacturers. Print-Rite President Arnald Ho says, “Each enterprise must have its core technology and its own brand, which can provide the strength needed for  strategic adjustment to meet various challenges. Printer consumables made in China can serve as an example of our high-quality products and innovative capabilities.”

Print-Rite is focused on the strategy for acquiring patents as well as respecting the intellectual property (IP) rights of others. Although lawsuits over patents and intellectual property have happened frequently in this industry, Print-Rite continues to act responsibly by avoiding infringing existing patents.

In 1988, Print-Rite set up the first printer consumables factory in China. Mr. Ho has always been aware of the importance of innovation.

Of the more than 2000 patents held by Print-Rite, 100 are registered in countries overseas. The Print-Rite patents cover all the various fields of technology in the printer consumables industry. The most remarkable thing is that almost 50% of its patents are utilized in commercial products. This is an unusually high number as many patents are too abstract or impractical and fail to result in products for sale.

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