Subscribers Complain Over HP Instant Ink Price Hike

Subscribers Complain Over HP Instant Ink Price Hike

Subscribers Complain Over HP Instant Ink Price Hike

Subscribers Complain Over HP Instant Ink Price HikeAfter announcing in October 2021 it had 10 million global subscribers to its instant ink program, HP’s website is receiving complaints from consumers over its plans to increase the subscription price by 50% on February 12, 2022.

At the same time, consumers are claiming HP has allegedly closed the chat threads on its site and gagged conversation.

According to one blogger, “On 15 Jan 2022, 3 days after purchase and registration for InstantInk and HP+, I received an email from HP stating that from 12 Feb, the cost of my 50-page plan would rise from £1.99 to £2.99, a 50% increase. I checked the HP online forum to find that 7 days prior to my purchasing the printer, existing Instant Ink subscribers were receiving price increase emails.  More posts from dissatisfied customers were added in the following days.”

“I believe in continuing to advertise a £1.99 plan and then immediately increase to £2.99, that this is a sharp practice designed to entice new customers and once ‘locked in’ hit them with an immediate increase.”

In another post, a blogger reported: ” A 15-page plan will be reduced by a third in pages, a 50-page plan increased by 50% cost, a 100-page plan increased by 28% cost and all higher page plans remain unchanged.”

According to, HP has ended its popular “free ink for life” plan, which allowed its customers to print up to 15 pages per month.  “Now there’s a double whammy: HP printer owners that have embraced the Instant Ink subscription service have been told that their subscription price will go up (potentially by up to 50% in some cases).”

Instant Ink has been a big success, with HP its 10 million users generated $500 million revenue annually and a 30% annual revenue and subscriber growth. It is the most popular printing subscription service.



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