Ninestar Files Suit Against US Government

Strategic Bond between Print Tracker and Royal Imaging International

Ninestar Files Suit Against US GovernmentPrint Tracker is now collaborating with Royal Imaging International. Print Tracker can provide information of device status to customers while for direct consumption of toner parts, the detail will be forwarded immediately to Royal.

Tom Ghyczy—the CEO of Royal Imaging International stated, “After a comprehensive quest to find the best MPS solution for Royal’s customers, we are proud to be partners with Print Tracker. Sales and Marketing Director Brian Dawson has been great. He is highly professional and his product demonstrations were extremely informative. Our customers will benefit greatly in working directly with him. We are always open to partnering with strong industry providers whose focus is on customer service,” said Print Tracker President Lance Hale. “We are pleased to let our clients know the Royal team has found our software capable of providing the accuracy needed for fast and reliable supply replenishment.”

The characteristics dealers need to collect meters, toner and service information from copiers, MFPs and printers in the field are contained within Print Tracker software. Among them, the locally and wirelessly linked devices are also included. Alert controls and action events can adapt to the predilection of a dealer with no sweat. If an alert is triggered, the dealer will be notified by the Print Tracker server, meanwhile, the end consumer will receive a prospecting email.

An order email will be generated by clicking the link within the email to the dealer and/or supplier. Later an action event will be generated, and the history log for the device in the Print Tracker Viewer of the dealer will be updated. The overall order activities and supply fulfilment are summarized by extensive reports that are transparent and under control.

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