Static Control Launches Odyssey® Cartridge Sealing Toner Packs

Static Control has recently launched Odyssey® cartridge sealing toner packs for use in HP M252 and M277 printers.

The new release is said to be a first-to-market solution. According to Static Control, the Odyssey cartridge sealing toner pack is OEM-equal in both function and quality. Filled precisely with the optimal amount of toner, the pack also acts as a seal to prevent cartridge leaking.

  • Similar to OEM products, when the seal breaks in the printer, it acts as a toner agitator to help improve flow. This eliminates premature starvation which commonly happens to the “drill-and-fill” method popular among remanufacturers. Toner packs are available for A cartridges, with X toner packs to be released soon. Traditional bottled toner is also available.
  • HP’s CF400 series cartridges that are used in M252 and M277 printers come with several features such as advanced, smaller chips and a new toner delivery method.

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