New Pigmented Inks to Print on Cotton

Sensient Imaging Technologies S.A., a ink producer based in Switzerland, announced the launch of new pigmented inks of the ElvaJet products. The ElvaJet® PE 500 and Elvajet® PY 570 new pigmented ink set are respectively dedicated to Epson and Kyocera printheads for digital printing on cotton. Both inks are available in cyan, magenta, yellow, gold yellow black, red, violet and grey.

According to Sensient, “the ElvaJet® PE 500 pigmented inks “has been developed to offer superior results on printers equipped with the latest generation of Epson. The ElvaJet® PE 500 series fit perfectly Epson DX4, DX5, DX6 and DX7 printheads.” For the ElvaJet PY 570 pigmented inks, Sensient believes the product is an optimal solution for printers with Kyocera printheads.

As was revealed, ElvaJet shows the company’s commitment to industrial digital printing. Also, Sensient notes it offers inks with enhanced performance in the certain industry.

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