Staff at Clover’s Van Nuys Plant

Staff at Clover’s Van Nuys Plant

Staff at Clover’s Van Nuys Plant

The second shift at Clover’s toner cartridge manufacturing factory in Van Nuys has been scrubbed with the work being transferred to the Mexico plant.

The Clover Imaging Group advises that 205 staff in the San Fernando Valley site will lose their jobs in June.

Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing for Clover, Luke Goldberg said, “We are still manufacturing in the Van Nuys facility—just not at the volume we had been because we have shifted work to Mexicali.”

Goldberg also revealed that one shift of workers would stay at Van Nuys, while refusing to disclose the total number of employees at the plant.

The Van Nuys plant was acquired by Clover in July, 2014 as part of the acquisition of MSE (Micro Solutions Enterprises) but continued to operate under the MSE name until February when it became Clover’s California operation.

MSE had been in San Fernando Valley for nearly 20 years, dedicated to the recycling production of used printer toner cartridges.

“We have major competition from offshore and this is a step that helps us remain competitive for our customers,” Goldberg added. He noted that not many remanufacturers exist in the USA today and many competitors are based in Asia or Mexico these days. As one of the last remaining toner cartridge remanufacturers in America Clover has had to shift its work to the Mexicali plant to maintain its competitiveness.

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