Specialist to Reveal Market Opportunities at Ninestar Event Junno Gong

Specialist to Reveal Market Opportunities at Ninestar Event

Specialist to Reveal Market Opportunities at Ninestar Event

While some dealers and resellers have become discouraged due to tough market constraints, others are finding it to be a boom.

Specialist to Reveal Market Opportunities at Ninestar Event Junno GongChina-based Junno Gong (pictured) will tackle the “hot potato” issue at the global Ninestar Confidential Conference on September 28. Gong claims the alleged decline in printing is a “hot potato” issue because there are untapped opportunities readily available.

She will reveal data at the confidential conference to suggest where end-users are actively looking for printers and supplies.

“The data I will share does show there has been a relatively large decline in A3 devices and a slight decline of 1.4% in A4,” she said. “However, detailed data shows that the A4 monochrome sector increased by 3.5%” According to Gong, monochrome A4 devices account for more than three-quarters of the entire A4 sector.

Gong also questions whether the distributors are aware of the markets that are strong and if they have the devices and supplies needed to meet the market demand.

Gong joined Ninestar in 2008 and has 13-years of experience in the printing industry, particularly with consumables in Asia, Europe, and South America. As the Global MPS Director of Ninestar Image, she is helping distributors and partners to place printers and devices where the markets are strong. Her experience also extends into MPS channels.

“I will bring my data and know-how to Ninestar’s confidential conference,” she said. “I am looking forward to connecting with a global audience on September 28.”

Her micro-presentation will reveal the market opportunities. Apart from the “changing demands of end-users” hot potato to be confronted at the conference other topics will include OEM tactics and addressing environmental concerns.

Ninestar to Confront Industry Hot Potatoes at Confidential EventThe one-hour, online “Hot Potatoes” confidential conference will be run twice on September 28.

This will allow participants across the globe can participate at a time that suits them best. Click here for more details and to register.

Four speakers, based in Europe, the USA and China, will provide market trends, evidence, observations, and opinions the industry needs to know about.

The event is free but requires pre-registration to seek participation at the event, given the confidential nature of some content.



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