Smart UX Center Printers Launched

三星,C4010ND,C4012ND,C4062FX,打印机Samsung has released a new series of A4 printers in various regions of the world.

According to, Samsung has introduced the C4010ND, C4012ND and C4062FX series in North America; the C4012ND was not released in Latin America but the C4010ND and C4062FX were. The only series launched in Korea was the C4010ND. In other regions of the world, only the C4010ND and C4060FX were released.

The new printer series is carried with Samsung’s Smart UX Center, allowing customers to add various apps and widgets. It is designed to improve office productivity and document security, etc.

The C4010ND laser color printer owns an 800 MHz and 400 MHz Dual-core CPU and with a 512MB memory. The C4060 series of printers have a 1.5 Hz Quad-core CPU and a storage capacity of 3GB.

This new printer series has also been equipped with Samsung’s ReCP (Rendering engine for Clean Pages) technology, which can provide sharper text and line quality, along with high-resolution color images for printer users.

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