New HP Printers Feature with Self-Healing Security

New HP Printers Feature with Self-Healing Security

HP will help its customers to better secure their printers, documents and data against malicious attacks, by launching new, built-in security systems into their new range of enterprise class LaserJet printers.

HP has released three printers, with what HP is calling “Built-in Self-Healing Security features” including:

• HP Sure Start enables detection of and self-healing recovery from malicious BIOS attacks, extending the same BIOS security protecting HP’s Elite line of PCs since 2013 to the new HP LaserJet Enterprise printers.

• Whitelisting ensures only known, good firmware can be loaded and executed on a printer.

• Run-time Intrusion Detection is a new feature providing in-device memory monitoring for malicious attacks. It was developed in partnership with Red Balloon Security, an embedded device security company started by researchers from Columbia University. The company has done extensive research for several government agencies, as well as private sector companies in industries such as telecommunications and controller systems.

These new features will be implemented on new HP LaserJet Enterprise printers and OfficeJet Enterprise X printers with HP PageWide Technology going forward. Some HP LaserJet Enterprise printers released since April would be able to have these features, after HP updates the firmware.

Tuan Tran, vice president and general manager, LaserJet and Enterprise Solutions business, HP., said, “Protecting against security breaches is one of the biggest challenges our customers face. HP is helping customers secure their devices, documents and data by defending our enterprise printers with the strongest protection in the industry.”

HP claims their new HP LaserJet Enterprise printers and MFPs deliver the fastest print performance in their class with the fastest first page out and dual-sided print speeds as well as the lowest total energy consumption per page. Easy for use, these printers also support mobile printing, with a yield of up to 7,500 pages per month. The new models include: The HP LaserJet Enterprise M506 series, the HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M527 series, and the HP Color LaserJet Enterprise MFP M577 series.

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