Latest Recycling Standard Certification Granted

A US based printer cartridge recycling specialist, Environmental Office Solutions (EOS), claims to be the first to achieve a R2:2013 certification in the cartridge remanufacturing industry.

The R2:2013 is the most recent Electronics Recycling Certification Standard, and is endorsed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the safe and responsible handling of electronic waste through reuse and resource recovery.

With facilities in both Connecticut and California, EOS claims to recycle over 20 million pounds (9 million kilograms) of materials from the waste stream and overcrowded landfills every year under its environmental-friendly recycling programs. The R2:2013 certification was granted to the Connecticut facility and the California facility is working towards a similar certification, by operating under the R2 principles, policies and procedures.

EOS is telling its customers that it’s also responsible for saving useful raw materials for use in new product production. EOS claims that over 150,000 pounds of plastic, over 50,000 gallons of oil and over 20,000 pounds of aluminum can be saved, for every recycled 100,000 toner cartridges.

Mark Tosi, co-founder and Executive Vice President, said, “The foundation of EOS was based on responsible recycling practices and keeping waste out of our landfills. We have aggressively followed the best practices for electronics materials recycling and have been committed to improving the environment since our founding. We have made conscious decisions to invest in the infrastructure and to pursue environmental certifications that make us stand out as a leader in the industry.”

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