Small Buyers Demand Good Services Too

Small Buyers Demand Good Services Too

Small Buyers Demand Good Services Too

Small Buyers Demand Good Services TooSmall and medium-sized buyers of printer supplies are fed up with the poor-to-average support they get from their suppliers in China.

Despite taking pride in their ability to provide premium services to their customers, smaller buyers are unable to tap into the premium services offered only to big buyers.

Just like the bigger buyers, the small-to-medium buyers (SMBs) have unique and various demands, but these tend to be rejected or neglected simply because they are the “small guys”.

“Small buyers deserve good services too,” said Kevin Shu (pictured), founder of Aprint, “All you need to do is to put yourself in their shoes to understand their needs,”

Shu says he understands the struggles of small buyers and wants to help those who want to achieve more with limited financial support.

“I always do what I can to help them,” said Shu.

When communicating with customers, Shu shares useful product information as well as market trends with customers to sharpen their understanding of market development.

Shu also claims his honesty is a key part of his long-term vision for the business. When he feels it is not cost-effective to place an order directly with him, he will recommend other sources to his customers. “The principle is to save money for those small buyers,” said Shu. “I may lose an order this time, but I can win two happy customers eventually.”

“I also help buyers who have overstocked. From our sales records, we can find out who is looking for the products and help line them up with those who have abundant or oversupplies. It is a good opportunity for everyone,” said Shu.

Shu remembers one occasion when two drum units from a buyer’s order were damaged during shipping logistics. “We took the responsibility and sent a credit note to the customer immediately,” Shu remembers. “We didn’t ask the customer to return the damaged products; on the contrary, we guided the customer to apply for compensation from the logistics.”

According to Shu, good service is a willingness to do whatever it takes within one’s limit to solve problems for customers, big or small.

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