Samsung Offers 3 Cardboard Printers

Samsung Electronics’ 3 groundbreaking printers, Origami, Mate and Clip, have won 9 Awards, including 3 Gold Awards, at the 2013 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) competition. The material of these 3 printers, corrugated cardboard, is not only cheaper than plastic, but also beneficial to the environment, because it is recyclable and made of recycled papers.

All three designers of the novel printers said they got ideas from the smallest things they saw and experienced in their everyday lives. Considering both convenience for the customer and the characteristics of the material, the designers included the manuals on the exterior cover of the Origami printer, enabling the users to build the printers themselves.

Origami, the printer made of 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard, is both waterproof and fireproof. Similar to Origami, the concept of Mate, the easily customized personal printer, was also derived from a small idea the designers had in the course of their daily lives.

And the screw-free, personal printer, Clip, was created from the inspiration designers drew from common, everyday things.

In terms of innovating the concepts behind these printers, the designers visited various factories, learned the exact production process, and applied the idea of folding instead of molding into the perceived design, that is, “folding the planar figure” instead of extracting the printer from a mold.

The three innovative printers not only create a new generation of designs, but also adhere to Samsung Electronics’ concept of absolute value, the Holistic Experience Design approach.

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