Nubeprint to Publish Report of Managed Print Services

Advanced Technology Company Nubeprint (Ann Arbor, Michigan) says it plans to publish the July edition of its analysis report on managed print services (MPS) on July 27th. The report will provide relevant information to printer and copier manufacturers and vendors, supplies manufacturers or remanufacturers, MPS service providers, future MPS providers, end-customers and, in general, anyone interested in getting inside information on the MPS business. Also, it will analyze three items, namely, printer and copier populations; market compliance; and, order fulfillment and profitability in MPS.

The model population analyzed is classified in 6 different types that include: monochrome and color printers; monochrome multifunctional (MFP) printers and copiers; color MFP; large format printers (LFP); and ribbon printers. Of the population analyzed, 56% is MFP while 39% is printer, 4% is LFP and 1% is ribbon. Overall 48% are color and the remaining 52% are                                     monochrome, excluding LFP and ribbon.

The population analyzed shows 32% of the models are fully MPS compliant. However, 30% of the models have some major limitations; 3% are inappropriate for MPS; 27% of the analyzed manufacturers have models that are not available for MPS. In total, 68% of the analyzed manufacturers are carrying models that are not MPS compliant. LFP and ribbon printers are the biggest contributors to non-MPS compliant printers.

According to Nubeprint’s prospectus, a device with high score for MPS compliance will be more competitive and has more chances to gain inclusion in an MPS contract. Furthermore, the company notices the analysis will focus on the ability of the printer to provide sufficient data for letting an advanced MPS technology potentially drive the services. “Therefore,” the prospectus reads, “the quality of the data provided is ignored on purpose. The analysis works under the assumption that the data is homogenous and accurate.”

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