Samsung is First to Offer Products Listed In All Three Categories of EPEAT Registry

Samsung (Ridgefield Park, NJ) announced it is the first manufacturer to have products listed in all three categories of the EPEAT registry. EPEAT is the definitive global index for electronics used by governments, institutions, and consumers to identify environmentally preferable products such as printers, laptops, and televisions.

“It has become increasingly important for manufacturers to consider responsible design and environmental impact when developing products,” said David Steel, Executive Vice President of Strategy at Samsung Electronics, North America. “We are pleased that EPEAT is providing this important service to help purchasers make smart decisions.”

Robert Frisbee, EPEAT CEO, commented that, Samsung has shown the breadth of their environmental commitment by registering products in each category of the EPEAT registry. He said, “I commend Samsung for being the first manufacturer to achieve this milestone, and I applaud their pioneering role in EPEAT’s television category.”

EPEAT is one of the organizations with which Samsung partners for the development of energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly products. Meanwhile, Samsung is working with these organizations to educate consumers about the importance of reducing greenhouse gases.

To enter the EPEAT registry, products must meet several environmental performance criteria formulated by representatives from the environmental, manufacturing, research, recycling, and government sectors. EPEAT’s rating system is used as an environmental requirement by 8 national governments, including the United States and by thousands of purchasers worldwide.

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