Laser Versus Inkjet Printers

Gulf Times, a daily newspaper published in Doha, Qatar, reports that various factors can influence the relative effectiveness of a laser versus an inkjet printer. Several printing industry experts have discussed the respective features of these two devices.

According to this latest report, if laser printers are reduced in size and price, they will be more widely used. But minimizing these devices could increase their cost, in some cases. Since laser printers have a large size and higher cost, they have been mainly used in small, medium and large size businesses. Inkjet printers, on the other hand, are favored by home and SOHO users.

Mr. Patrick Stead, CEO of Environmental Business Products, noted: “The number of pages you print is the main factor. A laser printer will provide better and long(er) term value, but it will cost you more at the beginning.”

Moreover, differences in the cost of inkjet vs. toner cartridges can also be a significant element.

Ms. Laura Heywood, Managing Director of Kleen Strike, said that the cost of the replacement cartridges and their print yield are the important factors.

Mr. Peter Thompson, Director of PBT International, observed: “Laser cartridges remanufactured in a proper way can bring great value. But these products must come from reputable sellers.”

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