Samsung Collaborates with Ubiquitech

Samsung Electronics will cooperate with Ubiquitech—an independent software vendor in Denmark—for its Print Management solutions.

Ubiquitech’s software solution—involving the MultiXpress series with a Smart UX Center for Android—has been confirmed by Samsung for its multi-function printer (MFP) solution capability. Samsung is expecting to serve consumers better with IBM Z and Power system solutions after signing the agreement with Ubiquitech.

The print management solutions of Ubiquitech can recognize registered users and only authorized personnel can print or share documents so as to avoid the leaking of confidential information. In addition, print tasks will be followed up and registered by the solution, while the Smart UX display can not only supervise the entire printing tasks but also decrease unnecessary printed pages.

Samsung’s printing solutions will be more easily implemented by enterprise customers for various computer systems on which Ubiquitech’s solutions can run, for instance, Windows, IBM Power and IBM System Z. Samsung Electronics aims to help its customers, including small, medium-sized businesses and enterprises concentrate their print management systems and reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) on printing products.

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