S.C.C. Acquires New Patent for Universal Inkjet Cartridges

Static Control Components, Inc. has recently been granted a new patent for universal inkjet cartridge with the registration No. 8382264.

According to VerticalNews, the cartridge was invented by Huck, Donald D. and Causey, Anthony D. The application for registration was filed on January 25, 2008 and approved on February 26, 2013. A certificate was issued on the same day.

The inventors’ summary information for this patent read: “A universal inkjet cartridge usable in an inkjet printer, the inkjet cartridge having an inkjet tank, the inkjet tank storing ink and having an upper surface and a lower surface is disclosed. Mounted on the lower surface are configurable color identification tabs and mounted on the upper surface are printer identification fins, the configurable color identification tabs are configured to allow the universal inkjet cartridge to be used in multiple inkjet cartridge locations within the inkjet printer identified by the printer identification fins.”

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