Russia to Build Own Brands of Printing Supplies

After a long time of domination by foreign manufacturers in the market of printing products, Russia starts producing printing supplies of its own.

The first Russian MFP called “Katyusha” was presented at the Import Substitution 2016 International Expo. It is developed by Service Systems Company, along with PromWAD, Baikal Electronics, XaaR and Alexinskiy Chemical Plant.

The key consumers of the new Russian MFP are state businesses. This new machine will be available in the middle of 2018 and the company’s sales are expected to total 65, 000 devices a year.

One Russian company, Rostoner has planned to produce one or two-component monochrome toner and cartridges for laser printers and copiers. It intends to start from acquiring a production line from a German company for making custom-made cartridges. The second step is to use local raw materials and launch a Competence Center for production.

Rostoner’s whole budget for its project is estimated to be 619 million rubles (US$9.5 million). The project has got a loan of 300 million rubles from the Industry Development Fund of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. Its productivity will be around 2.8 million cartridges and 350 tons of toner, and is expected to take up 7% of Russian market. The production site anticipates its commencement of manufacturing in Q4 of 2016.

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