RT Media Receives 2 Quality Awards in Moscow

Recycling Times was honored to receive two “Focus on Quality Awards” at the 5th annual Business Inform Expo in Moscow.

Both Recycling Times Media, and one of its directors, David Gibbons, were both presented an award among 17 other companies and individuals from Russia, China, Europe, Japan and the USA.

In accepting the awards on behalf of RT Media and David Gibbons, Bella Peng thanked Dr Stanislav Malinkiy (pictured) for his leadership in organizing the event and for providing the government and buyers across Russia with information and education about the print consumables industry.                                              

Yulia Danilogorskaya from Business Inform told RT Media, “The prizes are awarded to companies and specialists, whose professional activity demonstrated their commitment to ‘Focus on Quality’ approach. Our Information Agency ‘Business-Inform’ experts, have declared that both RecyclingTimes Media Corp. and its Director, David Gibbons, are making a large contribution in the promotion of quality products through their expos, conferences, hard copy magazines and articles and digital media.”

A bigger crowd of over 2,400 buyers, mainly from 76 Russian cities and towns, attended the expo this year to visit the 78 displays from Russia, China, USA, Japan, Korea, Germany, Lithuania and Kazakhstan.

Other awardees included: Static Control Components (USA), Integral GmbH (Germany), Delacamp AG (Germany), IMEX  (Japan), APEX Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (China), Retech Technology International Ltd. (China), Zhuhai Polytoner Image Co., Ltd. (China), Zhuhai MITO Color Imaging Co., Ltd. (China), Chinamate Technology Co., Ltd. (China), Ourway Image Co., Ltd. (China), DaLZ (Russia), Teko (Russia), Ramis (Russia), Profiline (Russia), RM Company (Russia), Sergey Khazankin and Evgeny Belikov (both from Russia).

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