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RT Global Imaging Awards Nominations

RT Global Imaging Awards Nominations

Over 100 nominations have already been received in just 5 days for the RT Global Imaging Awards. Nominations opened on July 1 and can be received at any time during the month of July. Nominations close on July 31.

RT, the organizer of the awards which will be presented during RemaxWorld in Zhuhai, has also received many questions about this year’s awards event as well.

What are the RT Global Imaging Awards?RT Global Industry Award Nominations

The annual Awards are designed to honor individuals and organizations making outstanding contributions to the printer and imaging supplies industry around the world.

Recharger Magazine, the first and most famous of the aftermarket imaging industry journals, honored the most remarkable individuals in the industry annually for 25 years until 2014.

In 2014, Recharger Magazine was acquired by RT. Since then, RT has carried the torch for the Global Imaging Awards, aiming to recognize and inspire those who play a leading role in the industry.

Every year since 2014, RT has received approximately 1,000 nominations and has presented honors and awards to hundreds of exceptional individuals, organizations, and companies around the world. These awards have gained widespread attention worldwide.

How many award categories are there?

There are 12 awards presented as follows:How can you vote

Last year, RT presented the Remanufacturing Achiever Award for the first time to Sushil Kumar Agarwal from Itek Solutions India.

Sushil Kumar Agarwal was nominated to the Guinness World Records for remanufacturing the same HP 88A printer cartridge 72 times for the same loyal customer since December 14, 2011. He has developed it as his business model to be environmentally friendly.

Likewise, this year RT will still present the Remanufacturing Achiever Award to a company, organization or individual who champions a new thriving business model of the remanufacturing of equipment and/or printer cartridges and offers a new solution for a more environmentally sustainable planet.

How are the winners selected?

A panel of international judges is assembled to select the final winners. They examine all the nominations in each category and independently choose those who demonstrate outstanding achievements. With a combined rich industry experience of more than 200 years, the judges carefully select the winners based on the reasons for which they were nominated—a key ingredient in the process. Other factors may include the frequency of nominations and other supporting proof which can also be supplied by the nominee (if they should nominate themselves).

Vote for RT Global Imaging Awards

Entries close on July 31, 2023. During July, anyone can nominate any individual, organization, or company in any category at any time online.

Now is the time to honor those who have delivered outstanding products, service, duty, innovation, and passion to advance this industry. Click here to nominate them now!

If you have any further queries, please contact: or


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