Ricoh SA Tackles Web-to-print Markets with SaaS Solution

Ricoh will introduce its MarcomCentral—a software-as-a-service (SaaS) Web-to-print system—to the South African market. It is designed for commercial printers and in-house corporate print shops, and will be displayed at Africa Print in Johannesburg from August 21 to 23, 2013.

MarcomCentral is built on open-architected SaaS technology. Using a centralized and integrated online marketing portal, it automates a variety of marketing, creative, and fulfillment processes. End users have access to a wide range of corporate marketing assets.

The solution helps print service providers and corporate customers with marketing services, cross media and Web-to-print adoption. The SaaS model deals with initial cost of entry into this market; the complexity of managing these environments; proving return on investment (ROI) without significant capex; and proof of concept.

Dawie Malan, Head of software sales at Ricoh SA., said, “MarcomCentral helps customers (to) deal with those two primary concerns by enabling a seamless transition from the Web-based storefront to processing jobs, output, invoicing and billing, including managing authorizations and proofs.”

Corporate customers can implement a centralized asset repository accessed by internal stakeholders to order, download, personalize and manage a wide range of marketing assets.

MarcomCentral offers them new business opportunities and helps to position them as a marketing services provider, which allows them to offer value added services, such as e-mail and online marketing, as well as personalized assets.

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