Kleen Strike Announced 30 Years Celebration

Kleen Strike is celebrating thirty years in business. The company has always marketed themselves as being able to provide a cost effective alternative when it comes to remanufacturing printer cartridges.

Laura Heywood believes they have thrived during this period: “During a recession, people will always look for cheaper products. We are a trusted company so people will always come to us. We have always tried to move with the times. This was achieved with a lot of market research in the 90s when we knew technology was about to change. This has resulted in customers continuing to buy our various products.”

Despite this, Miss Heywood has admitted they have struggled with rival companies selling similar products at a cheaper price that they simply can’t match. Miss Heywood said: “We recently lost a contract with Rochdale Council who has been with us for over 20 years.”

The longevity of the company is not the only thing that sets Kleen Strike apart from similar companies; they have always tried to be environmentally friendly.

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