Ricoh Launches Legal MFP for Law Firms

Ricoh Americas Corporation (Ricoh) unveiled a Legal MFP that delivers improved end-user workflows while also enhancing operational efficiencies and helping to lower overall costs.

According to Ricoh, their certified personnel have hands-on experience with the processing of legal documents, leading to the development of the Legal MFP. Further, Ricoh introduces the following highlights of the new legal MFP:

  • The legal document management systems, including iManage, WorldDox, and OpenText, will streamlines the disjointed scanning processes to minimize the number of steps by end-users and eliminates data entry redundancy process.
  • Automatically split files to court-specified file size limits and convert them to the appropriate file format.

Matt Sakauchi, Vice President of Product Marketing, Ricoh Americas Corporation, commented, “Knowing this, Ricoh has made strategic investments in both our people and technologies to help our clients see these improvements. The Legal MFP is a perfect example of a solution developed to meet our clients’ needs – enabling them to streamline workflows and lower overall output costs.”


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