Ricoh Americas Acquired the National U.S. Communities Contract

Ricoh Americas Corporation obtained a multi-year contract to provide multifunction products (MFPs) and related services to participants in the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance. After carefully evaluating proposals from other manufacturers, Fairfax County, VA., the lead agency, awarded Ricoh the contract.

The exclusive contract grants over 90,000 public sector entities including state agencies, local governments, special districts, school districts, and public and nonprofit higher education institutions access to Ricoh’s devices and services.

Ricoh’s award-winning printing technology and the strength of Ricoh’s excellent services are combined in this new agreement. New strategies are now available for public sector clients to manage print fleets, create more sustainable printing environments, improve information flows and help reduce operational costs.

Cathy Muse , CPPO; Director/Purchasing Agent, Department of Purchasing & Supply Management, Fairfax County, VA said, “Ricoh was selected in a competitive solicitation process based on their proposal, offering a compelling services-led approach to assist public entities in transforming business processes and finding areas of cost savings. We are excited that Fairfax County is able to provide the contract vehicle for this powerful offering on a nation-wide basis.”

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