Photizo Reports Increase in Toner Cartridge Shipments

Photizo Group’s second half update of its Supplies Advisory Service Toner Cartridge Forecast, predicts toner demand will increase from 445 million in 2012 to almost 480 million cartridges in 2013. Photizo believes this growth was driven by strong sales of lasers—especially desktop and mid-range office MFPs—in the second and third quarters of 2013.

Despite this recent rise, Photizo finds managed print service (MPS) agreements, and the increased use of mobile devices for information access, will cause the installed base of printers to shrink.. For this reason, toner cartridge shipments will begin to decrease as well.

Photizo also notes that color printers and MFPs are becoming more common in the office environment. Because these devices have separate cyan, yellow, magenta and black cartridges, Photizo expects more documents will contain at least some color graphics, such as, charts, highlighted information, and logos, along with black text.

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