Researchers Analyse Coronavirus Impact on Print rtmworld

Researchers Analyse Coronavirus Impact on Office Print

Researchers Analyse Coronavirus Impact on Office Print

Researchers on both sides of the Atlantic are committing resources to find out how the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis is impacting the office print industry.

“There is no doubt we are entering into uncharted waters, which will have a significant impact on office printing,” said Louella Fernandes (pictured), Director of the UK-based Quocirca. “We are looking for participants to share their experiences online.” According to Fernandes, it will only take 10 minutes to complete the survey.

“We appreciate that the situation is changing constantly, therefore we plan to repeat this survey at regular intervals to identify emerging trends and issues.”

Please visit the Quocirca online survey and participate.

Researchers Analyse Coronavirus Impact on Print rtmworld“While it may take some time to assess the true impact of this crisis on the industry, vendors and channel partners will undoubtedly need to pivot and reevaluate their products and services as they adjust to the new normal,” Fernandes said. “Quocirca is committed to providing ongoing market insight and your input is gratefully appreciated.”

On the Other Side of the Atlantic

Researchers Analyse Coronavirus Impact on Print John Shane rtmworld

John Shane is a regular speaker at RT events in the Americas and China

Boston-based John Shane (pictured), director and senior analyst with Keypoint Intelligence is actively measuring the potential impact of COVID-19 is having on on U.S. office print volume. “By looking at the various vertical industry sectors and their contribution to office printing, we have estimated the best- and worst-case effects on print,” Shane said.

“The two main variables that we regard as critical to estimating print reductions are job losses by vertical and print loss from working at home. The model currently assumes a two-month impact, which may prove to be optimistic. However, given that two-month assumption, we can see how printing will be affected across vertical and total printing.”

Researchers Analyse Coronavirus Impact on Print rtmworldAccording to Shane, working at home will impact printing. He and the Keypoint Intelligence team are examining the best- and worst-case estimates for lost print from job loss and work at home for an assumed two-month lockdown. Shane is predicting the effect on the 2020 total US print volume may “be the loss of about 80 million pages out of 837 billion or approximately 10%.”

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