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RemaxWorld Expo Seeks Stories from Previous Participants

RemaxWorld Expo Seeks Stories from Previous Participants

The Zhuhai China-based event turns 18 this year and prepares for a coming-of-age celebration.

To showcase the development of the printing industry over the past 18 years, the organizer of RemaxWorld Expo, Comexposium Recycling Times (C-RT), has launched a unique campaign to gather insights and experiences from past exhibitors and visitors. It is calling for submissions that highlight the development of the exhibition from those participating in previous events.

RemaxWorld Expo, an important fixture in the global printing calendar for almost two decades, is widely recognized as a leadership platform where the latest products, technologies, and services are showcased. Each year, the event has grown in scale and influence, attracting exhibitors and visitors from across the globe.

First year of RemaxWorld Expo in 2007
17th year of RemaxWorld Expo in 2023

This year, the organizer will capture the industry’s growth, development, and spirit through the eyes of those who have attended RemaxWorld Expo, the largest industry exhibition in the world.

“We believe the stories and experiences of our exhibitors who have participated over many years and decades are invaluable in telling the print industry story,” said Cecile Zheng, the Vice General Manager of C-RT. “We will celebrate their successes while inspiring others to join us in shaping the industry’s future.”

The campaign invites exhibitors from previous years to share their stories in various formats, including text, pictures, images, and videos. The stories could be about new product launches, customer interactions, business development, or other previous experiences at RemaxWorld Expo.

Stories and media can be sent to email address:

Exhibitors and visitors enjoy face-to-face meetings at RemaxWorld Expo 2023

Exhibitors and visitors enjoy face-to-face meetings at RemaxWorld Expo 2023

Submissions will be reviewed, selected and broadcast on the official RemaxWorld Expo website and social media channels, which will be seen by over 260,000 followers from more than 110 countries and regions. The best ones will be showcased during the 2024 event itself in front of all participants.


For more information about RemaxWorld Expo 2024, please visit the official website.

Quick access to the registration page: RemaxWorld Expo Registration.



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