Reinforcing Customer Confidence in Compatible Copier Consumables

Reinforcing Customer Confidence in Compatible Copier Consumables

Reinforcing Customer Confidence in Compatible Copier Consumables

Reinforcing Customer Confidence in Compatible Copier ConsumablesBeing different from printers, copiers are more demanding when it comes to compatible consumables. Due to the many and complicated components involved, many problems have been reported when aftermarket copier consumables are used in copiers. Users have become wary and hesitant about using compatible consumables having had a bad experience.

To help rebuild customers’ confidence in the use of compatible copier consumables, Zhongshan Limei Office Equipment Co., Ltd. (Limei) invested two million RMB (US$313,986) to build a professional lab back in 2015.

“Our aim is to probe and eliminate all potential problems through painstaking testing procedures under various test conditions,” said Yang, general manager of Limei.

The lab is equipped with high and low temperature simulation test environment, with more than 100 high-speed copier test devices from various brands along with other advanced testing equipment. To maintain consistent quality, Limei has developed a series of systems and standards to regulate its operation process, which covers the whole process from R&D to manufacturing, from raw materials to finished products.

Reinforcing Customer Confidence in Compatible Copier Consumables

Limei has a professional testing team. “In addition to check the physical conditions, our testing team also tests cartridge performances from installation till the end of the printing cycle,” said Yang. “We have accumulated huge amounts of data through repeated testing. We also make a comprehensive assessment considering testing data for toner yield, fixing fastness, chromaticity, stability and compatibility in high and low temperature environments,” Yang added.

To maximize its product performance, Limei repeatedly tests the installation and compatibility of all the components in each copier over a long period of time. “We spend up to 100,000 RMB (US$15,697.80) every month on toner cartridges testing alone,” Yang said. In addition, Limei keeps samples of each batch, so as to keep track of product quality.

Limei’s perseverance with quality has won over customers, both old and new. Some clients even feel it is no longer necessary to request samples after visiting Limei’s lab. Some clients claim they trust Limei’s products so much they would never consider changing to another supplier, even if they are offered a cheaper price.

In 2016, Limei set up a lab jointly with two leading toner manufacturers in China. Since then, Limei has been meeting customer demands and feedback first-hand to optimize their toner formulas. The partnership not only solves practical problems for customers, but also raises the bar for toner quality of the industry.

Over many years, Limei has developed its own technical innovation system and strong R&D capability. Its three brands “PENG YANG”, “JIA FEN” and “LIMEI” have gained more and more recognition in the market. Limei has now applied for 10 national patents for their products, including its well-sealed toner cartridge, anti-clogging toner bottle, and double-layer protection toner bottle.

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Reinforcing Customer Confidence in Compatible Copier ConsumablesLimei is proud that its alternatives for use in Ricoh copiers feature excellent compatibility, stability, and fixation. Limei claims that the alternatives have been approved by its laboratory and customers, with no floating toners polluting the devices. In addition, the alternatives generate less waste toner. Limei claims its daily output is up to 40,000 units.

Reinforcing Customer Confidence in Compatible Copier Consumables

You can learn more about Limei here and you can also make appointment with Limei through our find-a-supplier platform. 



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