QPS Promotes Ink Cartridge Recycling

Quality Print Services (QPS) is continuing to offer a free cartridge recycling scheme in the Britain, despite it costing them.
The company claims it will continue the service—originally launched in 2011 in partnership with Nazdar before the compulsory 5 pennce government fees for carrier bags came into effect—in order to promote recycling.
According to signlink.co.uk, the end-to-end scheme reduces the impact of used ink cartridges through the amount of waste sent to landfill sites. All QPS customers who take regular deliveries of Nazdar ink cartridges are eligible for the program.
Chris Bailey, director at QPS, said: “Five years after launching our ink cartridge recycling program we remain one of the only suppliers to offer this service to our customers. More and more print buyers are demanding environmental action from their print providers and we can offer help in this area free of charge. What’s more, our customers who sign up for the recycling program will receive certification of their involvement, which can help support an application for ISO 14001.”
QPS claims it has collected and saved approximately 3.5 tons of plastic cartridges from going to landfill.

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