College Renewed MPS Contract with SOS

A British managed print service (MPS) provider has had a key contract renewed by TyneMet College.

According to, School and Office Supplies Group (SOS) and the college started their business relationship back in 2003. In the last six years, SOS has provided a full MPS service to more than 450 staff and 3,500 students across four sites. The system includes Paper Cut software and 80 Kyocera devices including desktop, color multi-function and monochrome printers.

Stephen Butters, a computing staff member at the college said the school used to have all sorts of printer and copier brands of various ages with resulted in a diverse range of issues. “Now we have standardized and up-to-date equipment throughout the college, which has simplified things enormously.”

The current centralized approach has reportedly alleviated all previous issues, including the supply of toner cartridges to a wide variety of printers and copiers, and simplified procedures within the college, both for the IT provision and the graphic design services.

“It can be a challenge providing a print system that meets the diverse needs of a large group of staff and students,” said George Young, a director at SOS Group. “Our centralized approach is meeting those needs. It’s cost-effective and helps reduce waste. As a former TyneMet student, I am very proud to work with the talented and committed staff and students here, and look forward to continuing that relationship for years to come.”

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