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QPC Dominating Western Australia

QPC, Printing, Toner, Laser, Acquire, Takeover, FactoryOver the past 14 months, Quality Printers & Cartridges (QPC) has acquired its two largest competitors, Laser Exchange and WA Toner Supplies.

According to Business News, QPC has the aim of becoming the leading company in their industry through buying out their competitors. Lisa Spark, managing director and co-founder of QPC stated, “Acquiring companies is paramount to our growth story,” she continued, “after many years of hiring sales people, we just weren’t getting the mass growth that we were looking for.”

“We see our business in the next three to five years as being the absolute dominant player in our industry in WA, as our strategy is to acquire one competitor each year.”

QPC’s inception started from a backyard shed in 2008 and has developed consistently since. Only 15 months later, they moved into their first factory and by 2015, they upgraded to a factory two and a half times larger.

Mrs. Spark commented, “We’re the only remanufacturing facility in WA, and maintain our quality and point of difference by converting businesses off the imported, inferior internet copy cartridges and bringing them back to a local remanufactured cartridge.”

QPC also attempts to “employ local people for production rather than buying or importing cartridges.”



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