Printing Option in Apps Helps Improve Engagement

As there are demands to print directly from apps under many circumstances, printing options in apps can significantly improve engagement.

This is what Samsung’s Brent Richtsmeier (pictured) believes. The Vice President of development for the Solutions Innovation Group at Samsung Research America said, “Paper adds value and it is an interface that is always on.”

According to the mobileworldlive, a top 10 iOS Android photo apps survey found that users are twice more likely to return to the app, as well as to click on an advertisement when an app supports printing. In addition, 20% of them will stay on the app for longer, and users are three times more likely to make an in-app purchase.

Enterprise apps also have reasons to develop printing, though businesses are slower in adopting mobile in general. Richtsmeier recommended developers to look into the Mopria Alliance. He sees opportunities in making printing service-oriented.

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